“Bridgette Mayer Gallery
and the Tierney agency go way back…in fact, we have worked together for 20+ years in two different office spaces. As one of the top creative advertising and marketing shops in Philadelphia, we were very selective about who we would partner with to replace our own agency creative work on the walls.

It was tradition to display our own work, but when we decided to redesign our offices, we knew we needed to bring in someone with a fresh perspective who could provide our internal team and our clients with inspiration. We turned to Bridgette to help us navigate those waters…not only once, but twice. During our most recent move, we collectively re-imagined what our new space would look like and envisioned our open workplace as a canvas. While we have as a firm and individually collected many of Bridgette’s clients’ works, we have also invited others in to purchase the work—which has been equally fulfilling. We have had several open houses to showcase Bridgette’s artists and their work—which has been very well received both internally and externally. We are happy
to support and provide greater exposure to the arts community in the marketplace and beyond.

Bridgette—is a terrific thought-partner who is knowledgeable about the work and can intuitively read the vibe of a community. She is skilled at also pushing us to take some risks and continues to keep the space fresh, inviting, and thought-provoking. After all—our agency clients are looking for us to do the same with them and their work.

The ultimate test of our space and design was when we were asking folks to come back after our remote work phase, the Tierney team couldn’t wait to get back to our beautiful space full of works that evoke inspiration and energy every day.

We are grateful to Bridgette and her collaborative team for giving us the confidence to explore and for curating our layout and guiding us as we purchase additional work for our permanent agency and personal collections.”

- Mary Stengel Austen, Chief Executive Officer Tierney

”We have worked with Bridgette Mayer the past twenty + years to help us grow, manage and maintain our corporate art collection that is primarily based in Philadelphia. Bridgette has done an incredible job of helping us identify our art collection vision along with our designers and architects. Through this process we have created art collections in our locations of Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC, New York, NY, Palm Beach, FL, Pittsburgh, PA, Princeton, NJ, Morristown, NJ and Wilmington, DE.

Our spaces look beautiful and are enlivened and enriched through our art collections. Bridgette does an incredible job with her team of working on complex commissions, art handling, shipping, installation and publications and we recommend her 100%. She will work with you on your budget, ideas and in creating a vision. She has made creating these art collections and workspaces an incredible experience and our employees love our spaces. We are grateful to have worked with her and partner with her for so many years!”

- Financial Firm Client, Headquarters Philadelphia, PA

Working with Bridgette Mayer has been an incredibly positive experience. She’s been a tremendous asset in helping me build my collection of contemporary art, with her wonderful eye for talent and, equally important, a very clear understanding of my taste and my goals. Over the past few years, Bridgette has opened my mind and, in turn, strengthened my portfolio by introducing me to artists and works of art that I might not have previously known about or perhaps even considered. From an investment perspective, I must note that last year Bridgette suggested that I might want to add to my collection a small work by an artist she felt was important, and I followed her guidance. A few months after I purchased this work, the Guggenheim purchased three of this artist’s works, which immediately and significantly increased the value of my painting. On a personal level, Bridgette has a wonderfully gentle way about her, and she is simply lovely to work with.”

- Glenn H., Philadelphia, PA

“I met Bridgette Mayer through her advertising her exhibitions in Philadelphia Style Magazine. The creativity of her ads as well as the artwork caught my attention and I had to go check it out.

I have a passion for collecting art and immediately connected with the contemporary art she exhibits in her Philadelphia gallery.
Bridgette was very professional and great to work with. She helped me identify artists who fit my aesthetic and I learned a lot from her expertise through the process.

I would recommend her hands down for any type of project – whether looking for one painting or a whole collection. She is knowledgeable of the art market on many levels.”

- John Colabelli, Publisher, Philadelphia Style Magazine

“I have had the honor and privilege of working with Bridgette for the last fourteen years as one of her represented artists. It has been an amazing journey, as I have grown as an artist and she has cultivated an incredibly successful commercial gallery business.

Bridgette is personable, professional, forward thinking, hard working and approachable. Her positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit inspire me. I have seen Bridgette handle a wide range of sales from that of first time art buyers to large corporate acquisition projects. Bridgette handles each situation with acuity and competence. Over the years we have worked on many commissioned projects together and the process has always been seamless. I look forward to many more years of rewarding partnership with Bridgette.”

- Rebecca Rutstein, Artist

“I first noticed the Bridgette Mayer Gallery in 2004 while on an evening walk after dinner. I made a return visit a few weeks later and was quite surprised to find the gallery was very accessible and inviting. Bridgette and I discussed a previous exhibit that first grabbed my attention and I soon found myself in the artist’s studio. Soon after that studio visit, I purchased my first painting. That started what has become a most happy collaboration with Bridgette. She introduces a painter and allows you to become absorbed in their work. I eventually began purchasing additional paintings and very soon I found myself building a collection that has now turned into a passion. I look back at the first meeting with Bridgette and think how fortunate I am to have met her and her group of artists.”

- Richard K., Philadelphia, PA

“Bridgette’s passion for connecting people with art is tireless. She doesn’t just sell art, she fosters connections between her clients and the art—and in many cases the artists themselves. This creates a much more emotional bond between us as collectors and the pieces we own. She understands that for us, knowing the story behind a piece, whether that’s the provenance of something she has found for us in the secondary market or an intimate tour of an artist’s studio turns the process from a transaction into a relationship.
It has been a pleasure working with Bridgette Mayer over the last 12 years. She knows us and gets us and our collection is better as a result.”

- Patrick H. & Stephen D., Philadelphia, PA

In 2019 we engaged art advisor Bridgette Mayer to assist with conceptual program design and art commissioning for a new outdoor public sculpture park and garden (The Bower) in South Central Pennsylvania. We had known Bridgette for about twelve years at that time, as a gallerist in Philadelphia. During that period, we made several painting acquisitions through her. Our comfort with her style and confidence in her expertise made our decision to team with her on this significant undertaking a straightforward decision. We were not disappointed. 

Together we developed a scope of services that included: program concept development, preliminary budgeting, target artist categories (emerging to mid-career), developing and implementing a Call to Art, shortlist selection, scheduling, negotiations, final selection and communications through fabrication and installation. 

Our Call to Art yielded 135 applicants, both US based and international, due to relationships in the art community she was able to leverage. We feel strongly that the reach and validity of our Call to Art was due to Bridgette. We selected ten artists from this initial tranche. Bridgette guided our selection committee artfully while also managing our schedule through this process. This included several stipend supported site and studio visits. Following selection, Bridgette managed artist negotiations and ongoing schedule so that as founders we could focus simply on developing relationships and engaging in the very site-specific conceptual design process with the selected artists. We believe wholeheartedly that our project benefited profoundly due to this ability to separate the sometimes difficult business process from the back-and-forth creative process. Additionally, we achieved our scheduled goal of installations in August 2020, which was set in early 2019, despite the onset of the Covid pandemic and need to coordinate with many other sub-contractors and consultants. 

The results are beyond what we ever could have imagined, with sculptures from monumental to intimate, each unique and perfect in its setting in our landscape. Opening to the public in 2021, we have been booked solid each year with appreciative visitors wowed by the artwork throughout The Bower. Bridgette’s knowledge, experience, and personal touch are to large degree what made it happen. We cannot recommend Bridgette Mayer highly enough for anyone interested in procuring a collection of outstanding art fitting both the vision and the budget of the collector.” - Bill and Jane Allis, Founders, The Bower, Shermans Dale, PA 

“When we first considered building an art collection, we needed advice on how to navigate the art world and where to best focus our investment. As buyers, we had a common interest in modern and contemporary art but needed the right expertise and guidance to better inform our purchasing decisions. Our friends introduced us to Bridgette Mayer who they said would provide highly personalized advice with our specific goals in mind.

Over the past several years, Bridgette has educated and guided us well. As a result, we’ve assembled a small collection that we enjoy very much and where the return on our investment in terms of appreciation has exceeded our expectations. Bridgette’s experience and deep knowledge is impressive as well as her broad industry connections.

The thoughtful approach that she takes when consulting makes working with her a true delight. As we continue to add to our collection, having Bridgette’ expertise behind us is extremely valuable.”

- Frank D. & Alex F., New York, NY

“I live in an IM Pei designed home and, recently had it restored to its original architecture and design with other beautiful features added to the space.

I wanted a world class art collection to go with the quality of my space, so I hired Bridgette Mayer to help me. We started off by working with nationally known artist, Neil Anderson, to commission a very large abstract painting for the living room space which reflects the changing landscape reflected outside the windows in my courtyard.

From there, the collection developed piece by piece with special attention to the architecture, feeling in the space, my aesthetic and quality of the art. The end result is a fantastic mix of contemporary art from emerging to highly established artists.

Bridgette worked with several galleries in New York and well as commissioning works directly from artists. She brought each piece of artwork into the space to make sure it was the right match before I made the purchase and, assisted with every detail of the installations down to doing touch-up paintwork.

I would recommend her for any level of art consulting.”

- Tom D., Philadelphia, PA

“So excited to see Bridgette Mayer Gallery selected as best art gallery in Philadelphia.

I have been following Bridgette’s artists since she opened many years ago and this woman has impeccable taste.

I was looking to add more contemporary and abstract works to my landscape art collection and after researching and visiting all the Philadelphia Galleries, her gallery stood out for the quality, consistency of exhibitions and uniqueness of works being shown.

It also doesn’t hurt that she has been recognized locally and nationally including a spot on CNN’s Anderson Cooper.
It is fun to have the gallery and artists you purchase validated.

I recommend this contemporary gallery to anyone looking to enhance a collection or start a collection.”

- Michael Statford, Sneaky Sunday

“I purchased my first piece over ten years ago with Bridgette. Over the past decade, with Bridgette’s guidance, I have expanded my collection considerably. She takes the time to understand her clients’ interests and concerns, using that knowledge to helping them grow from art buyers to art collectors. She and her team are responsive to clients’ needs regarding a variety of art advisory services, including valuation for insurance and installation matters. I look forward to working with Bridgette in the future in order to acquire more works to further enhance my collection.”

- Ralph C., Philadelphia, PA

“I met Bridgette Mayer when I purchased a contemporary photographic work she represented which was on display at Roche Bobois. Following the purchase of the first work, I discussed with her that I was interested in converting part of my collection of classical art to more contemporary pieces, which I understood that Bridgette specializes in. I owned a prominent Rodin which I was possibly interested in selling. Bridgette offered to help me. She was very professional and easy to work with assisting me in all aspects of the sale from researching values, marketing and finally selling the work at the price we agreed on. After the sale, when the buyer had some second thoughts, Bridgette stood firm on my behalf. I was very pleased with her work and the results and would happily recommend her for any aspect of art consulting whether purchasing contemporary art or selling a master work.”

- L.H., Philadelphia, PA

“Bridgette: Thank you for everything. Since our initial meetings in the gallery and in our home we have been very comfortable with you and appreciate your professionalism. The sculpture in the foyer looks great and the three dimensional piece in the gallery is truly a work of art and is the focus of attention and many compliments. It really brings out the colors in the gallery area as well as the living room. Thanks again. Marci and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

- Richard G., Philadelphia, PA

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